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Patient Experiences

  • Dear B,
    We are immensely grateful to you for the new therapeutic opportunities identified thanks to the innovative technology of your research team. From the beginning we had the perception of relying on professionals who use validated and avant-garde methods and at the same time on conscientious and honest people. We sincerely thank B who followed the whole procedure from the sending of the slides to the intermediation between the team and the customer in a friendly, genuine and professional way; finally, the therapeutic possibilities corresponding to the genetic mutations identified etc .. were explained to us by the distinguished Dr. Marco Loddo. Like all true scientists, he allowed us to understand everything with extreme scientific rigor, and at the same time with the humility and patience to answer our questions. After so many disappointments in attempts at other clinical laboratories, we have finally discovered an excellence in Oncofocus. Thank you very much for your invaluable contribution to science and personalized therapies that are the true path to the fight against cancer.

  • Dr Loddo is a lovely man and so patient with my questions. Many thanks to him, you Sarah and the team. You are all so professional and empathetic and its so appreciated.

  • Thank you so much to you and your team for delivering these results on time – very much appreciated!

  • Thank you for your team quick responses in letting me know. I sent you guys a surprise just to say thank you. You should get it today, addressed to you and K to share with the rest.

  • Hi A, I’ve written the article below to share on some private Facebook groups but thought you may be interested in it too: N was diagnosed with SBC in January 2020. Her first line treatment for SBC was Palbocilib which despite being told was the ‘Gold Standard’ (and it does do it stuff for a lot of us secondary bods) sadly didn’t work for her. Being a firm believer in information is power N then researched what tests were available to look in more detail at her SBC. N says she didn’t want to work her way through several lines of treatment only to keep being told they hadn’t worked. In
    her career N used information to tailor services to customer’s needs and realised this was the same for SBC - that the more you know about your SBC the better the oncologists can tailor your treatment for you. She came across Oncologica who offer the OncoFocus Test. The OncoFocus Test identifies the right drug for each patient’s cancer thereby increasing the chances of successful treatment. Despite her Oncologist’s reluctance to agree to the test N stood her ground and said she was going ahead with it.
    The test is currently only available privately but you can self refer. The test analyses tissue and they used samples from N’s mastectomy which she had in Nov 2019. The results identified that N has the BRCA2 gene mutation. She says this would never have been picked up without the OncoFocus Test. There was no history of BC in her family (although there is a possibility a Great Grandma had BC but no one can be sure) and all her Grandparents lived into their late 80s and 90s. The report is recommending the following treatments - Olaparib, Rucaparib, Niraparib or Bevacizumab. None of these treatments were on her original treatment list. N says; “Thank goodness I listened to my instinct; I just knew there was something else going on. I am the first patient that my Oncologist has had undertake this test and he has now agreed that I did the right thing in that I listened to myself - he acknowledges he was completely surprised by the results and has agreed to Olaparib as my next line treatment.

  • Thank you for the speedy return of our results, very reassuring

  • After being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer my mothers only treatment option on the NHS was chemo therapy. The doctors gave her 6 months without treatment and only 9 with treatment but her quality of life would have been awful if undergoing chemo therapy. After finding Oncologica their help, advice and support have been second to none. Their ground breaking analysis and treatment options enabled my mother to undergo immunotherapy which has successfully reduced the size of her tumour and thankfully she is still with us over 2 years later. This would have not been possible without Oncologica! Without Oncologica we do believe that my mother would no longer be with us but through them and their continued support she is still hear and enjoying her life with us and able to watch her grand children grow and play. We cannot thank Oncologica enough for everything they have done and their continued support and cannot recommend them highly enough.” Many, many thanks from the whole family.

  • N and I were grateful last year for the excellent information and help and professional friendliness we experienced from Oncologica.

  • Thank you for for extending the time frame of testing a suitable sample. I will of course keep you informed of any changes to my circumstance, and would envisage the scan 3weeks after my final chemo to furnish the answer to all of my questions. Dr P will give his clinical opinion and advice at that time, so a wee while to wait yet. Please feel free to contact me at your pleasure, and on a personal human note it has been a pleasure talking to you I have found all contact with your laboratory professional, efficient and speedy but more importantly I would always put the phone down with a smile due to your own countenance. On the sunny side
  • Thank you very much for keeping me up to date with the latest developments regarding my oncofocus test. I really appreciate this. I am also grateful for all your hard work and thoroughness. You are all so professional and caring. I couldn't be in better hands. I look forward to hearing from you again when you have more news...

  • I want to thank you for being a great support for our member, with her case. Although she was recommended a more specified genetic test, we do want to note that you and your team’s customer service turnaround time and care provided for our member’s case was very much appreciated. We look forward to our continued relationship with you and your team at Oncologica!
  • Dear Angela, Thank you for extending the time frame of testing a suitable sample. I will of course keep you informed of any changes to my circumstance, and would envisage the scan 3 weeks after my final chemo to furnish the answer to all of my questions. My Dr will give his clinical opinion and advice at that time, so a wee while to wait yet. Please feel free to contact me at your pleasure, and on a personal human note it has been a pleasure talking to you I have found all contact with your laboratory professional, efficient and speedy but more importantly I would always put the phone down with a smile due to your own countenance.
  • Dear Keeda, Please accept my apologies for my delayed reply. Thank you very much for keeping me up to date with the latest developments regarding my oncofocus test. I really appreciate this. I am also grateful for all your hard work and thoroughness. You are all so professional and caring. I couldn't be in better hands. I look forward to hearing from you again when you have more news....
  • Hi Angela, Thank you so much for your kind email acknowledging the consent form I photographed and emailed to you. Thank you also for letting me know that you are contacting the hospital today requesting the histology reports. I am truly blown away by 'Oncologica' and moved to tears with by its professionalism, diligence and kindness and sincerity. I can't praise you all enough With heartfelt thanks x
  • Thank you so much, this is so kind of you. Should any of our family be unfortunate enough to be in this position in the future we will not hesitate to contact you. Thanks again.

  • A friend recommends you as her mother is surviving advanced lung cancer on your treatment plus NHS drugs, so I hope we can do the same. She is convinced you have extended her mother's life.

  • Dear Kitty & Dr Loddo, I thought I should let you know that sadly our dad passed away on 2nd Dec. I am sure that with the pioneering work you are undertaking at Oncologica will lead to more cancer sufferers enjoying longer lives. Thanks again for your kind, compassionate approach which i experienced with everybody in the team at Oncologica.

  • Dear Professor Williams, I wish to thank you most sincerely for your kind and exhaustive letter. I have already forwarded it to Italy in the hope that they will act accordingly. I hope that your letter will give additional strength to fight this battle before surrendering because I sense that it is going that way. Thank you again for everything. Can I add that Sarah has been very kind, helpful and extremely efficient. Kind regards.

  • Dear Sarah, It was lovely to talk to you today and I so appreciate you getting me to talk with Mr Loddo so quickly.  Both your help has been invaluable.

  • Hi Sarah, Amber and the Oncologica team. I would just like to thank you all for your help, support and professionalism earlier this year, I contacted you after my recurrence of breast cancer, everything was explained to me in detail and I decided to go ahead with the test, I am so glad i did, every one I dealt with was so kind and encouraging, I was very scared about the journey ahead of me. The promptness of all the team was amazing my biopsy was collected quickly and i was contacted by Sarah constantly with updates on what was happening. As soon as the tests were completed I was sent the report with a follow up telephone call from the Doctor who talked me through it, he said he would be available to answer any further questions.
    I showed the report to my hospital. Doctors and they were impressed with the information gathered and I am on the drugs recommended in my report and I have been really well with no side effects. Thank you all again.

  • I was meant to have six sessions of this chemotherapy, but after three, I had a scan and found out that the tumour had grown. I was told that there was no point continuing treatment as my cancer was incurable, and to go home and get things in order.... Read the full interview here

  • May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your support professionalism and kind words it is much appreciated. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone else who I know and is suffering from this terrible disease

  • I just wanted to let you know that [patient] passed away last Wednesday. Many many thanks for your help because you gave him some hope when others around him didn’t and that meant a lot to him

  • Thank you very much - this is a great service - so much appreciated. I am telling my friends who have cancer to send their tumours to you

  • Kitty, Many thanks for your help.

  • I would like to pass not only my, but my father’s, gran’s and entire family and friends appreciation to not only Oncologica but to you directly. Sarah, you went above and beyond what was expected, you took a personal interest and gave huge support. Your tone was always polite and you helped to listen to myself during the emotional moments when speaking. The hope you as a person gave and the encouragement, helped when I had to mount the challenge on behalf of my mother and father. Myself and my father agreed before taking to Oncologica that as long as we tried all avenues and did everything we could for my late mother, this would be the only way we could coped. Without yourself and Oncologica we would not have been able to achieve the goal. My late mother took hope, encouragement and huge amounts of mental positively from the work but more importantly the personal touch you gave. As a person your indirect support helped my late mother. A person who didn’t praise health professionals easily due to career in the NHS and private sector. She praised you from the information, hope and personal feel you gave. You helped to give her peace of mind and know all options were looked into. I can’t sum up our, my feelings as they hold you in the highest regard. Perhaps, to say you have our eternal gratitude summons it all.

  • Kitty - You have been very reassuring and professional I appreciate your time and consideration with this issue as you can imagine they are both worn down by the lack of progress to date. If nothing else hopefully we will have a better understanding of the nature of the cancer [patient] has and will be able to deal with the outcome of this test.

  • Good Afternoon Marco, It was a pleasure to talk with you today, you have given me real hope. Once again I very much appreciate your time in explaining the report and my options.

  • By having the Oncofocus test I now feel that I have the advantage of being possible matched with any new therapies in the future rather than a one size fits all treatment. Thank you very much for your advice.

  • Hi Sarah, I would like to thank you and apology for the long silence. I still remember how much you helped me with your kind words when I was worried, anxious, in a panic for the results. I contacted Dr. Falcomer and Dr. Generali and I am confident that thanks to the test data I will have some positive results. I wish you all the best and send you a big hug.

  • Dear Sarah, I just wanted to get in touch to thank you and the whole team at Oncologica for the reports you did for my Dad at the end of 2018. Despite a very poor prognosis, following the advice in the Oncologica reports he has been receiving the immunotherapy drug Nivolumab under Dr Fennelly in St Vincent's Hospital, Dublin, since the early spring and is now in much better health. The latest scans show a significant reduction in the size of the main tumour and a stagnation in the growth of secondary tumours. He is no longer in significant pain and is able to enjoy day to day life again. Thank you all for your hard work, we really appreciate it.

  • If I ever hear of anyone needing treatment I would have no hesitation in recommending Oncologica.

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all your help and support. I received the report yesterday and I have spoken to Dr Loddo this morning. It was positive news we needed. The patient will have a scan in 3 months time to see how the treatment of the FOLFIRI is going. Thank you again.

  • Had to pay for it privately but when the NHS had given up on me having this test enabled me to get on a trial and has definitely prolonged my life should be used for everyone.

  • To Dr Marco, Thank you for all of your help and advice for myself and the patient.

  • I would love to meet you Sarah, Kitty and Amber! You have been like friends!

  • @OncologicaLtd is a great company who look more in depth into cancerous tumours and identify what treatments will work with your unique tumour type. They have been amazing and anyone who is going through cancer treatment, you need to look at this company.

  • Sadly the door has closed on [the patients] opportunity [her choice, for which i attribute blame to her ignorant treating doctors], but you have opened my mind and given me so much knowledge and hope for anyone that can be suitable for Oncofocus in future. For that I thank you deeply and will never forget your generous help.........I was lucky to survive a WHO grade 2 malignant spinal ependymoma 16 years ago, which could recur at any time, in which case you will be my first port of call. Many thanks to you, Kitty, for your gentle, reassuring, kind and informative help re [the patient] recently. With my warmest regards.

  • I had the Oncologica test in October 2018 and at present am on a clinical trial... At present the drug is holding the cancer... I am extremely grateful for the part played by Oncologica in recommending this trial.

  • Your colleague kindly rang me this morning thanks to you to go through the Report with me, he was very kind helpful & informative and I very much Appreciated his explanation and valuable advice regarding this report going forward. Thanks again. I'm so very grateful to you and your Team for all your help and advice over the past month or so And would highly recommend you and oncologica to anyone.

    Many thanks once again

  • Having exhausted standard therapy for my stage 4 bowel cancer, Oncologica identified a targeted immunotherapy, which would work on my rare genotype.  After just 4 weeks of treatment, I have gone from being bedbound to swimming, walking and fully enjoying all that life has to offer again.  I am truely grateful.

  • Want to thank all the oncologica staff that dealt with our test. Found them extremely professional, helpful and very considerate. Also test results have given me new treatment options.

  • "I was fortunate in having this test, which helped the Oncology team to tailor the Treatment to my Diagnosis".

  • "…….. recommendations in the type of drugs I should be taking, after a battle here I got onto a programme and they did a rescan of my Brain tumour last week after 4 weeks of treatment and it has reduced by 50% which is the first time in 7 months". 

  • "Just say many thanks for forwarding the report and I am pleased to say it came in time for me to be able to speak with my Consultant about the findings and this is already proving extremely helpful in planning the next stage of my treatment - extremely grateful to you and please pass on my regards to you and your team for pulling out the stops - most appreciated…"

  • "My wife is now on a targeted therapy programme rather than chemo or radiation. She is doing great, you helped save her life, thanks"

  • "…No you were not just doing your job... you guided us to get the sample to Oncologica and 'went the extra mile' to get the

    sample through customs. You are 'the best of the best'. You have been such a godsend in a challenging time in our lives"

  • "You have been so incredibly kind, helpful and patient for which you have my eternal gratitude………once again thank you so much…"

  • "I just wanted to say thanks for the really excellent service from Oncologica - the report arrived today, and the path there has been so smooth - we really do appreciate it! ….again I would add that the process has been made extremely easy for me as an administrator, for which I am also grateful!"

  • My last scan is looking better and treatment is continuing, there's another treatment available in the wings thanks to Oncologica.  I heard the interview, by chance, on Newstalk with Pat Kenny. So did many of my friends. It was very accessible to the layman and most interesting. Again, my sincere thanks to all your friendly, helpful and efficient team

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