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Oncofocus Cancer Test and targeted therapies. The Revolution in cancer treatment has begun.

Chemotherapy is no longer the only option against cancer, there are now more than 600 targeted therapies available to treat solid tumours. Targeted therapies are the cornerstone of personalized medicine, a form of medicine that uses information about a person’s DNA profile to treat cancer.  The Oncofocus test can identify new treatment options in 85% of […]

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UK chief medical officer calls for gene testing revolution within five years. But the revolution is actually already here.

In 5 years cancer patients should be routinely offered DNA tests to help select the best treatments for them, according to Prof Dame Sally Davies, England’s chief medical officer. But cancer does not wait and “the Revolution” is actually already here. Since 2015 Oncologica indeed offers to the wide public at an accessible cost Oncofocus […]

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Every cancer patient could have DNA tested under five-year government plan to cut deaths

Future goal is for every cancer patient to have his or her whole genome sequenced A new era of genome-based personalised medicine could open up for cancer patients within five years under new plans unveiled by the Government’s chief medical adviser. The “genomics dream” outlined by Professor Dame Sally Davies would see millions of patients […]

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Chemotherapy is no longer the only option against cancer…

Chemotherapy is no longer the only option against cancer, there are now more than 600 targeted therapies available to treat solid tumors.  Targeted cancer therapies are new drugs that kill cancer cells but do not affect normal cells compared with chemotherapy which kills both cancer cells and normal cells. Targeted therapies are the cornerstone of […]

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Two combination therapies shrink melanoma brain metastases in more than half of patients

High response rates to a pair of combination therapies point to potentially new options for a group of metastatic melanoma patients who have been largely left out of recent treatment progress – those whose disease has spread to the brain. A combination regimen of two immunotherapies and another of two targeted therapies each significantly shrank […]

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Oncologica Ltd. to open lab in Dublin

Oncologica, a cutting-edge precision cancer testing company is planning to open a laboratory in Dublin. Co-founded by Cambridge-based professor Gareth Williams and Dr Marco Loddo, the company is already working with the leading oncologist Dr David Fennelly who is a consultant at St Vincent’s Hospital and the Blackrock Clinic, as well as general practitioner Dr […]

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Dad with terminal cancer given hope by ground-breaking precision oncology test

A father of two with terminal cancer has been given new hope after being offered a free pioneering test to help find alternative treatments. Mick Weldon, 38, from Cambourne, has a rare form of stomach cancer which is resistant to conventional forms of treatment. In April, the News reported on Mick’s efforts to crowdfund enough […]

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Improving Patient Education and Access: How Can We Better Leverage Advances in Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment

Over the last several decades, scientific research has revealed that cancer is a disease primarily caused by mutations found in genes. Further studies have helped identify which key mutations develop into potentially deadly cancers. That information has helped researchers in the pharmaceutical industry to develop specially tailored therapies designed to target those mutations. These targeted […]

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Frontline Pembrolizumab Combo Approved by FDA for NSCLC

Pembrolizumab (Keytruda) has been granted an accelerated approval by the FDA for use in combination with pemetrexed plus carboplatin as a frontline treatment for patients with metastatic or advanced nonsquamous non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), regardless of PD-L1 expression. The approval was based on part 2 of cohort G in the KEYNOTE-021 trial, in which the […]

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genotoxic stress

A novel p53-Cdc7 link induced by genotoxic stress

An insightful commentary by Professor Masai based at the Department of Genome Medicine, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan about Oncologica’s recent publication relating to how  p53 controls CDC7 levels to reinforce G1 cell cycle arrest upon genotoxic stress. Read more here

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Every child with cancer to have tumour DNA sequenced to find best treatment

Every child with a tumour in Britain will have their cancer DNA sequenced so they can get the best possible drugs and help the UK catch up with treatment in Europe and the US. The charity Children with Cancer UK has today announced £1.5 million in funding so that from today youngsters can be screened […]

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Mesothelioma shows promising response to existing immunotherapy drug

An existing immunotherapy drug called pembrolizumab appears to be effective in the treatment of malignant pleural mesothelioma, a rare and aggressive lung cancer that is primarily caused by exposure to asbestos. Writing in The Lancet Oncology, researchers describe the first study to show a positive result from using the antibody drug against this rare cancer. […]

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