Oncologica addresses this new era of precision medicine by exploiting state of the art molecular profiling enabling a patient's tumour to be matched directly with the most appropriate molecular targeted therapy.

While current chemotherapy or radiation treatments target cellular mechanisms common to both healthy and cancerous cells, therapies based on somatic genomic alterations can direct treatment specifically to tumours based on their genomic molecular blue print. Management of cancer patients is changing rapidly as comprehensive genomic assessment of cancer reveals novel therapeutic targets and opportunities for new clinical treatments. Several cancer therapies already exist that target specific alterations in cancer driver genes such as Trastuzumab which targets breast and gastric cancers overexpressing the HER2/neu protein, tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) targeting aberrant EGFR receptor in lung, colorectal and pancreatic cancers, and vemurafenib targeting BRAF in melanoma and several other cancer types. Using state of the art semiconductor sequencing and convergent informatics pipelines, Oncologica has taken a quantum leap in this approach by introducing the most comprehensive single integrated test that analyses all major cancer driver genes  for thousands of actionable variants. These variants are then linked to hundreds of targeted therapies using our informatics pipeline linked to the world’s largest curated compendium of cancer genomic information supporting the matching of driver genetic variants with relevant clinical therapeutic options.