Offline Request Forms

To send your request, please follow the steps below


Download and fill in the Request Form and Patient Consent Form

To submit an Oncologica Test Request for your patient, please download the relevant form, complete all required fields, print and include it in the shipping package


  • Fill and send MF055 (Test request form patient edition)
  • Fill and send MF044 (Sample request form patient edition)
  • Read and accept MINFO013


  • Fill and send MF0101 (Test request form clinician edition)
  • Fill and send MF0102 (Sample request form clinician edition)

Specimen and Packaging Requirements

All samples must be packaged in accordance with the Exempt Patient Specimens standards and labelled ‘NOT RESTRICTED AS PER IATA EXEMPT HUMAN SPECIMEN’.

Mandatory requirements:
-Samples for testing mustbe sent with associated Histopathology reports
-Samples mustbe labelled to match the reports provided
Please note: In cases where multiple samples are sent in the same parcel, each sample and its associated paperwork should be sent in individual specimen bags or they may be rejected

Paraffin block

Formalin-fixed paraffin –embedded (FFPE) blocksshould be providedwherever possible. This is the most preferable specimen as it will enable us to perform macro-dissection and/or the re-extraction of DNA/RNA if required.

Unstained slides

If blocks are not available, we requirethe following:

  • 10 x serial sectionscutat 5 μm, each placed on non-coated microscope slides and unbaked
  • 2 x unstained sectionscutat 3 μm placed on coated microscope slides to perform the Immunofocus Test
  • 1x unstainedsection cut at3 μm must also be sent for H&E staining so we can assess tumour percentage.

Slides which contain more than one section will notbe accepted.


Specific requirements and recommendations

Please note the following recommendations


If sending curls or unstained slides, please send a 3µm unstained sections for H&E (preferably cut at the same time as the curl or section) to enable us to assess the specimen for tumour area (to enable macro-dissection in the case of unstained slides) or areas of necrosis that may affect the interpretation of results.

If, on the rare occasion that it is not possible to include an H&E slide, it is essential that the Test Request Form includes an indication of the tumour area percentage.


Send the parcel to Oncologica

Send samples to the address indicated below:

Oncologica UK Ltd Suite 15-16, The Science Village, Chesterford Research Park, Cambridge, CB10 1XL.


Remember: all samples must be accompanied by the histopathology report.



We can arrange international shipment for you , call us +44 (0) 1223 785327 or contact us by mail at


Test workflow

Each request is assessed analyzed to verify compliance with requirements. After the assessment has been completed the Test begins in accordance with the following workflow.


Please send either the paraffin block or sufficient unstained sections to perform the tests requested, including at least one spare slide in case repeat staining is necessary.

3-4µm sections must be placed on adhesive microscope slides and baked for no more than1 hour in a 60oC oven.