The most advanced testing platform
to predict response to immunotherapy

Immunofocus TMB

Immunofocus TMB is an in-house next generation sequencing platform which is able to accurately assess the number of DNA mutations in a tumour cell’s genome. The total number of mutations found in the DNA of cancer cells is called the Tumour Mutational Burden.

Fields of application

The Immunofocus™ Test is applicable to a broad range of tumour types and is now being performed worldwide for both early and advanced stage disease patients.

1: In a tumour cell multiple
DNA mutations occur

Increasing numbers of DNA mutations in a tumour cell’s genome result in an increase in the numbers of mutated abnormal proteins expressed on the surface of the tumour cells, referred to as neoantigens.

2: Mutations create
many neoantigens

These neoantigens are recognized by the patient’s immune system as foreign and therefore flag up the tumour cells for immune mediated targeted killing by the body’s immune cells.

3: Immunotherapy works by activating
the immune cells to target the
neoantigens to kill the cancer cell

The higher the tumour mutation burden, the greater the numbers of neoantigens expressed on the surface of tumours cells and therefore the more effective the attack by the immune system on these cancer cells will be.

The tumour mutation burden is therefore an indicator of how patients are likely to respond to immunotherapy.

The higher the tumour mutation burden the more likely the tumour will respond to immunotherapy.

The Immunofocus TMB test is performed on routine biopsy samples to assess the number of DNA mutations in a tumour cell’s genome, which can be used to predict the response to immunotherapy.

The test is performed using the most advanced technologies in our UKAS (ISO 15189:2012)  and CLIA (99D2170813) accredited laboratory.

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The impact of this revolutionary new treatment was recently recognized by the award of the Nobel Prize for Medicine to Prof Allison (University of Texas) and Prof Honjo (Kyoto

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