UK Outbound Lateral Flow Test Kit

Our self-swab Lateral Flow COVID-19 home test kit for quick results, verified by our medical team. Also includes certificate of test result.

Fit to Fly Pre-Travel LFT Test


  • Self-test at home with secure photo upload of results
  • Doctor-signed travel certificate emailed < 2 hrs of result verification
  • Travel certificate accepted by major airlines
  • 98.6% accuracy and CE0123
  • Phone, Chat and email support
  • Easy swabbing instructions
  • Please note that our travel tests are not video witnessed for USA entry
  • Please check destination country rules to know when to order and carry out your test

Lateral Flow Rapid Antigen Test Travel Certificate via result image upload

UK Outbound, Inbound and Arrivals COVID Testing with the Coronafocus COVID LFD Test Kits and image result verification app.

Simply order online and access the Coronafocus App to track kit dispatch, test result image verification and certification. Our support team can be contacted via phone, chat and email.

Our app will guide you through:

  1. Activate your Lateral Flow Test Kit. Log into an existing Coronafocus account or use the username and password sent via email confirmation when ordering the LFD kit. Once logged into the app you can view your test kit orders, assign them to a person and access the lateral flow test result image upload section.
  2. Ensure sufficient internet connection, battery life and a high-quality camera on your mobile device to effectively upload test results for verification.
  3. Place cassette in area indicated in kit instructions and take a photo with QR code, name of person tested and test booking reference clearly visible. The photo must be taken between 15-30 mins of the extracted swab buffer drops placement on the LFT test cassette. CORRECT/INCORRECT EXAMPLE HERE
  4. Upload the photo of completed test result, ensuring the photo is in focus, of sufficient quality and contains the information request in the test kit instructions. Images not meeting requirements may be rejected. This cassette result can only be submitted ONCE.
  5. Confirm and submit the result photo to receive confirmation that result verification is in progress
  6. Set swab date and time taken
  7. The test result will be verified. A doctor-signed certificate will be available in the Coronafocus dashboard/app < 2 hrs of image upload. The certificate can be downloaded or sent via email.

What is a Lateral Flow Device (LFD) COVID Antigen test?

Lateral Flow Device (LFD) antigen tests, commonly known as Lateral Flow Test (LFT), look for proteins produced by the COVID virus called antigens. As providers of lateral flow tests, we meet the published standards. There is no UKAS accreditation of lateral flow test providers who supply kits for self-swab and self-test. UKAS is not conducting assessment of this activity.

What does the Coronafocus COVID Lateral Flow Antigen Test Package include?

  • Packaged self-sample swab
  • Packaged SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test Cassette
  • Extraction liquid buffer tube and dropper tip
  • Waste bag
  • Kit box which includes a pop out section which converts into a tube holder
  • How to complete the self-swab test correctly instructions
  • How to upload result photo, for verification and certification instructions
  • A simple, easy to use Coronafocus web app (and mobile app coming shortly) to submit results, securely and stress free.
  • Clinical team verification and medical signed certificates within 2 hours
  • Government accredited testing provider
  • CE marked rapid antigen (lateral flow kits) approved by the UK MHRA, DHSC

How does the Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Antigen test work?

The Flowflex SARS-CoV-2 Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Antigen Test manufactured by ACON uses a gentle nasal swab to take a sample from both nostrils. The swab is inserted into the extraction tube with the extraction fluid and then rotated and pressed to make sure that the sample from the swab is released into the extraction fluid (the swab is then discarded). You take the extraction tube with the nozzle cap and place 4 drops of extraction fluid into the sample well of the LFD testing cassette and check your results after 15 mins and before 30 minutes have passed on the test cassette. Do not read after 30 minutes. Two lines appearing on the cassette indicate a positive test result. One line on the cassette indicates negative or invalid tests (see instructions in kits for more details).

When should I order my Fit to Fly Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Antigen Test Service?

If your destination country rules ask for a Pre-departure LFD test to be done 72 hours in advance of cross border travel, ensure you allow time for your LFD test to be delivered. Do NOT take your LFD test outside of your pre-flight test window specified by your destination country. Please note that delivery to Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands/Islands may take 2-4 days.

Example: if flying on a Saturday, then we recommend ordering your test on our website latest on the Thursday prior to date of travel. The kit will be delivered the next day for all Monday-Friday orders received before midday GMT and for all orders before 11:30am on Saturday and Sunday for you to take the self-sample swab for testing on the Friday prior to flying, this allows time to upload your result and receive verification from our Healthcare team. Verification of your result will then be confirmed within 2 hours of upload, with your travel certificate emailed on the Friday before flight. We cannot guarantee the Royal Mail delivery service which can sometimes take longer than 24 hours. Hence, we recommend travellers purchase test kits well in advance of travel. If you have not received your Lateral Flow Device LFD antigen test certificate after 2 hours of result upload, please check your spam/junk folders. For all Lateral Flow tests, please direct enquiries to

Next steps of the Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Service after receiving the test kit?

  • Follow the link to log into an existing Coronafocus account or use the username and password sent via email when ordering the LFD kit. Once logged into the app you will be able to view your test kit orders, assign them to a person and then access the lateral flow test result image upload section.
  • Watch the instructional video and read and follow the Flowflex instructions for swabbing and processing results in your kit very carefully as if not done correctly, your result may be invalid.
  • Take your LFD test within the pre-flight timeframe specified by your destination country (note within 3 days if entering the UK).
  • Follow the test result image upload and verification instructions in your kit to take a photo of your test results at the correct time. Your test must be completed and submitted within 30 minutes, or the result will become invalid.
  • Place your completed test cassette on the instruction leaflet area marked to frame images for taking the upload picture.
  • Ensure prior to uploading and submitting the Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Antigen test result image for verification, that you have sufficient charge, a stable internet connection and a high-quality camera.
  • To perform the test verification, we require you to upload a photo of completed test and may also request proof of identification documentation. You are responsible to ensure that the submitted photo is in focus and of sufficient quality, contains the information required and are delivered in the time frame specified in our instructions and the timeframe stipulated by your destination travel rules. We reserve the right to reject any images not meeting the above requirements and we take no responsibility for failure to complete the image verification and produce results certification due to these factors.
  • You will receive a doctor-signed certificate within 2 hours of successful upload of a photo of your test result.

What is the shelf-life of the Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Antigen test?

The shelf life of extraction solution is 2 years from manufacture – check box.

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