Contract Research Services

Oncologica provides contract research services for pharmaceutical, biotech, academic institutions and healthcare providers.

Extensive knowledge base in anatomical and molecular oncopathology, companion diagnostics and translational medicine to provide high quality and cost effective contract research services for development of cancer biomarkers and molecular targeted therapies.

Our contract research services portfolio include:

  • Development of novel companion diagnostics and new therapeutic intervention approaches
  • New testing strategies for patient stratification, companion diagnostics and personalised medicine
  • Biomarker discovery, verification and validation
  • Proof of concept and proof of mechanism studies
  • Integration of pathology analytics with drug development programmes
  • Identification of new drug targets and target validation
  • Establishing cancer detection systems for primary diagnosis, treatment response and post-treatment tumour surveillance
  • Preparation of cell line blocks for antibody characterisation and controls for test kits
  • Analysis of pre- and post-treatment biopsies for assessment of therapeutic response
  • Pre-clinical studies, including tissue culture model systems, tumour progression model systems, xenografts, transgenics, tumourigenicity assays
  • Expert tumour pathological assessment by diagnostic pathologists
  • Tumour verification, evaluation of tumour area, proliferative fraction, vascular invasion, stromal response, % tumour necrosis
  • Scoring of inflammatory infiltrates and assessment of tissue fixation
  • Preparation of high density tissue microarrays for high throughput tissue analytics
  • Molecular tissue analytics including IHC, FISH/CISH
  • Next generation sequencing, Analysis of tumour DNA content, Assessment of tumour growth kinetics
  • Analysis of protein biomarkers including cell proliferation, apoptosis, signal transduction, invasion, metastasis, cell metabolism and new candidate biomarkers
  • Comparative pathology analyses
  • Clinical validation of biomarkers on FDA approved panels of normal and diseased human tissues
  • Human/animal tissue evaluation for microdissection studies
  • Development and validation of image processing algorithms
  • Clinical Biomarker Trials
  • Evaluation of H&E and IHC staining