The world’s most comprehensive precision oncology test to identify the right drug for a person’s cancer to increase treatment success

Oncofocus Tumour Genetic Analysis

The Oncofocus test is covered by all leading health insurers

  • Personalised genetic profile for ​early and advanced stage disease
  • For all solid tumour types (except leukaemia)
  • Uses the histology/biopsy tissue sample from initial diagnosis
  • Results for patients and oncologists is available 15 working days from sample receipt
  • Free standard worldwide sample shipment and hospital return
  • Phone, chat and email support

The Oncofocus® precision oncology test generates a personalised genetic profile to help clinicians and oncologists identify the right targeted drug to increase treatment success.

It works by sequencing the DNA and RNA of an individual’s tumour to generate a personalised genetic profile (blueprint) and incorporates the most up to date genomic information linked to targeted therapies.

Oncofocus® targets 505 genes with actionable genetic mutations linked to 700 anti-cancer targeted therapies or treatments in clinical trials.

What are targeted therapies

Targeted therapies are drugs that kill cancer cells but do not affect normal cells compared with chemotherapy which kills cancer and normal cells. Targeted cancer therapies are the form of personalised medicine that uses information about a person’s DNA profile to help treat your cancer.

Targeted therapy vs chemotherapy

Targeted therapies are much more effective than chemotherapy because they are designed to

  • Specifically hit the target mutations present only in cancer cells
  • Normal cells are unaffected by the treatment
  • Toxic side effects are minimised

Every persons cancer is unique

Every person’s tumour is unique because each person acquires different cancer DNA mutations during development of their disease. Today there are 700 drugs which target each of these DNA mutation types.

The Oncofocus Test can be used for all Cancers, including:

Early Cancers

Oncofocus cancer test can help identify optimal treatment options following initial diagnosis. This helps avoid costs and side effects from potentially ineffective drugs.

Widespread Advanced Cancers

The Oncofocus cancer test can identify a broad range of additional therapeutic options for patients who have exhausted conventional treatments such as chemotherapy.

Rare or Unknown Cancers

Treatment decisions for rare unknown cancers are challenging for your oncologist because of a lack of established therapeutic protocols. The Oncofocus test is ideally suited for the analysis of such cases enabling the precise matching of these tumours to the most appropriate therapy.

Difficult to Treat Cancers

The Oncofocus test can be used for re-testing to identify new genetic changes acquired following relapse and allow the new mutations to be directly matched to a new set of targeted therapies.

Our DNA genetic cancer test can help guide your doctors on whether you are able to join a clinical trial. The genetic data from a clinical trial may be used in your individual care, improving the health services you and others receive and further research.