Instructions for Histopathology Laboratories

In order to carry out an Oncologica test, we require either one of the following:

Paraffin Blocks

Formalin-fixed paraffin –embedded (FFPE) blocks should be provided wherever possible. This will enable us to perform macro-dissection and/or the re-extraction of DNA/RNA if required.

We will accept; FFPE tissue, fluids such as ascites, pleural effusions, peritoneal washes, bronchial washes, fine needle aspirates and other sample types as long as they are formalin fixed and embedded in paraffin wax.

Unstained Slides

If blocks are not available, we require the following:

– 10 x serial sections cut at 5 µm, each placed on non-coated microscope slides and unbaked,
– 2 x unstained sections cut at 3 µm placed on coated microscope slides to perform the Immunofocus Test
– 1 x unstained section cut at 3 µm must also be sent for H&E staining so we can assess tumour percentage.

Slides which contain more than one section will not be accepted.

Sample Packaging and Transportation

All samples must be packaged appropriately to minimise the risk of damage. Please ensure that slides are sent in a slide mailer or other appropriate containers.

Samples for testing must be sent with associated Histopathology reports. Samples must be labelled to match the reports provided.

In cases where multiple patient samples are transported to us in the same package, each sample and its associated paperwork should be sent in individual specimen bags or they may be rejected.

Samples must be packaged in accordance with the Exempt Patient Specimens standards and labelled